A Big Thank-You to Chi-Annie: At The Table!

by Lisa on June 10th, 2009

Thanks so much to Chi-Annie, who “presented” me with the “Queen of Awe-Summ” Award quite a long time ago. I knew then that I would be out of town for a while, so I told her I would hold off on accepting until I needed to fill some space with some posts I could write ahead of time. But that doesn’t make this award any less special – I’m thrilled to be Awe-Summ! :)

As per the rules of the award, I need to tell you 7 things that make me Awe-Summ. Let’s go:
1. I am a huge supporter of the arts and artists.
2. I’m really good at planning inexpensive vacations. Probably because I think about vacationing constantly.
3. Italy is the most beautiful and wondrous country I have ever visited. I would move there in a heartbeat. How does this make me awe-summ? I don’t know. But Italy is awe-summ, so this must count.
4. I pretty much ALWAYS know what is happening with people. Want to know what that girl that sat behind you in the third grade is doing now? Ask me!
5. I have a fairly massive shoe collection. At last count I had 105 pairs. I’ve been trying to whittle that down lately but I tend to believe that since my feet aren’t growing anymore, why bother getting rid of shoes? They’ll probably come back into style at some point.
6. My dream is to move to California. I would say right now there’s about a 30% chance that could happen in 2010.
7. I do not get stressed out. Ever. I realized a long time ago that getting stressed just meant I would be less productive. Now my mantra is “This will get done because it has to get done.”

I also need to tell you all 6 Unimportant Favorite Things of Mine:
1. I am addicted to my Blackberry. I never thought I would be that person. But I am.
2. I have awful taste in music – the top 10 songs on my iTunes playlist includes some of the following artists: Pink, Carrie Underwood, Tchaikovsky (1812 Overture), Fergie, and Anne Murray. I think my taste in music is hilarious. Hilariously bad, that is.
3. My Macbook. I am a Mac gal.
4. Gossip Girl. I am already counting the days until it returns.
5. Gmail. I’m addicted. Luckily I can access it through my Blackberry.
6. Red velvet cake. Is there anything more delicious?

I’m going to defy yet another blog award’s rules and pass this on to all of you. You all deserve it. Plus, I enjoy reading these little memes! (I read them on my Blackberry, of course!) :)

8 Responses

  1. Chicagolandia says:

    I can't wait to go to Italy – I'd love to go to a cooking school there for the rest of my life! Or whenever they finally kick me out. It's all good!

  2. Summer says:

    So, you're a Gossip Girl fan? I've never watched the show myself…but, my dermatologist's son is one of the stars…I remember when he was just a little boy…haha…(does that make me old??!!)

    Have a great week!


  3. hotpants™ says:

    That's a lot of shoes. I'm jealous. I'm also addicted to my Blackberry.

  4. A-Bla says:

    I just got back from Italy last week for the first time and I want to move there. stat. I love it. I love the life. I love the food. I love the people. I love mid-day drinks…

  5. April says:

    LOL…this was cute!

    1. I hate Europe and every part of it. I am a Hawaii/tropigirl!

    2. I have horrible taste in music as well. (think EVERY Britney CD EVER made on my iPod.)

    3. No matter how hard I try to fit in with the rest of the art/design world, I could NEVER EVER EVER be a Mac girl.

    4. Where the hell do you put all your shoes??? I have about 1/4 that many and they are in a literal PILE in a corner of my living room.

  6. Jessica says:

    Who isn't addicted to their blackberry's??? i know i am :P

    congrats on the award =)

  7. Lexilooo says:

    red velvet cake is amazing!!!

  8. Natalie says:

    We're pretty much twins! Just replace shoes with nail polish and we're good to go! :) I've always wanted to visit Italy and I love the books by Frances Mayes that are all about Italy. The only thing that isn't alike about us is number 7…I can get very stressed, but I'm liking your mantra!