Acts of Kindness: $20 Custom-Made Dog & Cat Collars for Charity

by Lisa on June 22nd, 2009

Because I have recently become an avid lover of all things puppy-related, I wanted to share with you the puppy-related fundraising activities of a fellow blogger.

I really enjoy reading the blog of Erin at According to Erin, because she writes so well and is one of the most honest writers I have encountered. And now Erin has decided to go into business, kind of. According to her site, Erin was recently watching CNN and learned about the Puppies Behind Bars program, whereby prisoners train dogs to be service dogs. Having the huge heart that she has, Erin decided immediately that she wanted to sponsor one of those dogs – no easy feat when sponsorship costs $3,000.

So Erin decided to go into the business of making dog and cat collars. Each collar sells for just $20. Materials for the collars cost $5 each, and the entire $15 profit will go directly to Puppies Behind Bars.

Right now Erin has collars available in the following patterns:

(L to R) Polished Puppy, Prissy Puppy (limited edition), Paisley Puppy, Crabby Puppy,
Preppy Puppy (limited edition), Beachy Puppy, Happy Puppy and Slugger Puppy.

She just ordered kits so that she will soon be able to make adjustable collars! And the patterns will also be expanding. (She is also looking for fabric donations, so if you have any fabric you think you might be good, please send an email to erinknoll (at) gmail (dot) com.)

If you, or someone you know is in need of a dog or cat collar, I urge you to contact Erin because for the cost of your pet’s collar, you will be helping out a number of other people and pets.

To place an order, please contact Erin at erinknoll (at) gmail (dot) com, or check out her website, Puppy Love, where she will be keeping track of progress made and displaying available collars.

I have decided to make Acts of Kindness a semi-regular feature on Fantabulously Frugal. Here’s the idea – if you or someone you know is making/selling items where all of the profits of said item are going to a specific charity, please let me know and the item being sold and the charity receiving the profits may be featured here.

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