Reminder: Old Navy Flip-Flops $1 Today!

by Lisa on May 23rd, 2009

Don’t forget: Today ONLY all solid Old Navy flip-flops are just $1.
In-stores only.

2 Responses

  1. Supermodelquin says:

    Alright, it’s time to let your friends in on the fabulous secret that is So this week, in addition to hiding that beloved $75 off $100 coupon again, we’re adding the ability to share a coupon with a friend through Facebook each week.

    You’ll be able to keep one coupon for yourself and give a coupon of a different value to a friend. Generosity is the new fabulous…but can you bring yourself to give that stellar $75 coupon to a pal instead of stashing it for yourself? Guess we’ll find out Sunday…so choose wisely and give generously!

    Nicole D.
    Brand Advocate working on behalf of Old Navy

  2. Supermodelquin says:

    Just wanted to give all our fab fans a heads up that will be having a little maintenance done this week. But not to worry, we’ll be back later this week with hot new SuperModelquin gossip and all the fun of coupon hunting!

    This week at, we wanna know if your heart is as big as your closet—because we’re hiding that fab $75 off $100 coupon again and we’re wondering if you can bring yourself to gift it to a friend on Facebook instead of keeping it for your stylish self.
    Remember, you can gift one to a friend and keep a coupon of a different value for yourself, so your generosity is still rewarded!

    Nicole D.
    Brand Advocate working on behalf of Old Navy