Giveaway Day 10: Mini-Pedicure Set

by Lisa on May 10th, 2009

Day 10:
I’m a little late posting today! Blame it on my day job. I had to work super late last night (on a Saturday, yes), and just didn’t have the energy to post when I got home. And I’m a procrastinator – the most I can manage to post early is a couple of hours ahead of time!

The winner of today’s giveaway will win a mini-pedicure set. 2 nail polish items from one of my favorite stores, Ulta. The pink color is not so … hot pink in real life. The color’s name is Apricot Sorbet and it’s a fun Spring/Summer shade of pink. There’s also a bottle of Nail Solutions Silk Wrap Base Coat. Finally, zebra-striped file board and toe separators come courtesy of Bath & Body Works.

The Fine Print:
Please note: If you plan on posting about 31 Days of Giveaways on your own website, please do so before filling out this form. You will need to provide a direct link to the giveaway.

Entries will ONLY be accepted by completing the Google Form below. No entries will be accepted via the comment form. This will help keep things organized and fair.

Once again, this giveaway is ONLY for “Followers” of Fantabulously Frugal. Everyone who enters who is a follower will get 1 entry, plain and simple. (If you “follow” this blog via a reader but never actually hit the “follow” button, please indicate that. I will take your word for it.) If you enter this giveaway but do not “follow” this site, your entry will be considered invalid. (Don’t worry – we will go back to our regularly scheduled all-inclusive programming…tomorrow!)

Aside from posting the name provided to me by the winner of each giveaway, as well as the winner’s website’s address (if you so choose), no information you give me will be shared or published anywhere. You will not be put onto any email lists. Pinky swear.

Entries will be accepted from the U.S. and Canada only, please.

**This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who entered!**

4 Responses

  1. Martha says:

    You mean this isn’t YOUR Day JOB?!?

  2. Rbarakat says:

    Am I suppossed to be entering everytime you post a giveaway? I thought I just had to do it inthe beginning? Call me clueless! LOL!

  3. Fantabulously Frugal says:

    Hi there – yep, you need to enter every giveaway that you are interested in winning individually. I apologize if that was confusing. :)

  4. Rbarakat says:

    Ok Thanks – I better start filling out entries! LOL!