Fantabulously Frugal Friday: VistaPrint

by Lisa on May 22nd, 2009

Chances are you’ve seen an ad like this somewhere, perhaps even in the sidebar on this website:

Have you heard of VistaPrint before? In short, they print stuff. They print everything. And they print it cheaply.

And yes, sometimes they even have outrageous giveaways, such as getting a free T-shirt, or the ad you see above where you can get 250 personalized business cards and only pay shipping costs. Or how about other freebies they’re currently offering, such as free websites, rubber stamps, or pens? There’s just so much free stuff it’s incredible!

Click here to see what VistaPrint is currently offering for free.

VistaPrint has two different store sections: One for Business and One for Home, which means they offer a seriously wide range of services. Whereas the Business store offers a lot of marketing and promotional items, the Home store offers a lot of gifts and personalized items.

Y’all know me by now – I love the note cards they offer! You can use one of their design templates and personalize it or…upload your own design! How cool is that?

I’m not creative enough to make my own designs, but here’s a couple of samples I put together from the design templates provided by VistaPrint.

First up, some personalized note cards:

Secondly, a personalized notepad!

The site makes it super easy to customize whatever it is you’re looking for.

Curious about pricing? The notecard above would run $4.74 for 10.

Or you can click here and get 10 free notecards!

The notepad? Just $3.99!

The options for what items can be printed are so wide and definitely worth a look. If you have some time, I’d recommend checking out VistaPrint prior to heading to Kinko’s – there’s no doubt you’re going to save a TON of money doing so AND you’re going to score some free stuff, too! (Shipping is free on any order over $50.)

4 Responses

  1. Heather says:

    I love vista print. Once you get on their email list you’ll get even more deals. I get stuff for free more than I pay for it there.

  2. Lauren Jade says:

    thanks just ordered some SUPER cute checks for way less than if i ordered them from the bank :D and got some cute notecards for free!!

  3. simple girl says:

    I use Vistaprint all the time! It was a great find for me.

  4. Eileen says:

    I use Vistaprint occasionally and find them to be OK printers and they have good shipping time. The thing I don't like are their "free" business cards. The S&H is a lot more than the cost of the shipping (which essentially pays for the cards). That would be OK if they didn't print their ad (and the fact that the cards were free – which they weren't really) on the back of the cards. I feel that I am paying them to advertise for them.