Fantabulously Frugal Friday: Swagbucks

by Lisa on May 15th, 2009

There are some people that swear by Though I think it’s an interesting service, I am not one of them. BUT…that’s just because I am both extremely picky and extremely impatient. is a service that lets you earn points for doing things online that you are already doing. Need to do an internet search? Go through Swagbucks and earn some digital bucks while you search. Need to sell an old cell phone? Sell it to Swagbucks and earn some digital bucks. Need to do some shopping? Shop thrugh Swagbucks and earn some digital bucks.

Once you’ve accumulated enough digital bucks, you can exchange them for all sorts of different prizes including airline miles. This is a win/win situation on many levels.

The reason I am not fully sold on is because I like having a powerful search engine at my fingertips. I am perhaps one of the few people that will search 10 pages in for an item/article/news story I need. While the search engine for Swagbucks is sponsored by Google, it is not nearly as strong as I demand. As I already prefer to do my shopping through eBates, I decided Swagbucks just wasn’t the site for me.

But… might be for you and I know plenty of people that swear by the site! There are plenty of ways to win digital bucks, and in the two hours or so I tested out the search engine I managed to “win” two free bucks. The number of bucks needed to receive fairly good prizes is surprisingly low, so for the right person, this could be a magic program that will allow you to “buy” lots of gifts with your bucks without actually spending a dime.

Right now you get 3 bucks just for signing up, which will perhaps put you well on your way to earning many more!

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  1. Connie Walsh says:

    I am a 10 page searcher as well. How I use swagbucks with their limitations is that I use swagbucks for all the easy stuff. Need a phone number use swagbucks. Need a wiki article use swagbucks. Need to get a review on something common go to swagbucks.

    Trying to find out studies on the various treatments of MS…use google.

    My swagbucks username is sleepingbeauty in case someone wants to sign up under me