Etsy Monday: lilE

by Lisa on May 11th, 2009

So taken was I with the Yellow and Gray Everyday Sling that Etsy seller lilE produces, I decided to make lilE the focus of Etsy Monday.

Lest you think I am exaggerating about the quality/beauty of the Everyday Sling that is currently waiting to find a home with one of you, let me assure you that I am not. Gray and yellow look so chic together, and this bag is just perfection. Truly. It’s big enough to carry a lot of “stuff,” but small enough to not be cumbersome. And it is impeccably made. One of you is going to be really happy. If you haven’t already signed up to enter the my giveaway for a Gray & Yellow Everyday Sling, CLICK HERE to do so now!

While this sling is my personal favorite, lilE makes so many beautiful items!

Take, for example, this Reversible Coffee Sleeve:

Or this Reversible Headband:

The owner of lilE, Beth, was kind enough to answer a couple of questions for all of us (below) and reveals that she runs not 1 but 2 Etsy shops!

1. When did you start sewing/making things/ being creative?

I first learned to sew in seventh grade Home Ec. class. Everyone had to make these little duffel bags. Later, in high school I found a scrunchie pattern in a Seventeen magazine. I discovered my mother had a sewing machine packed away in the basement and I soon created one of the largest scrunchie collections the world has ever seen. I’m still making handbags and hair accessories today but fortunately my creations have evolved with the times (although if you’re looking for scrunchies, I can still crank ‘em out.) I’ve branched out into clothing as well because you need something to accessorize right?
2. Where do you draw inspiration from?

Basically, I make things I like and am always excited when other people like them too. I’ll typically see a fabric I want and build something around that. I’m a bit of a fabric junkie and enjoy variety so I will use anything from a bold geometric to a muted modern floral print depending on my mood.

3. What kinds of items do you offer in your store?

I mostly offer accessories but have a few items of clothing as well. Bags and headbands are my favorite items to make – one can never have enough of either. You can play around with accessories and they are a fantastic way to make an otherwise boring outfit stylish. The Everyday Sling Bag is by far the most popular item in my shop. It really is the best all purpose bag you can have. I use mine as a laptop bag, a carry-on, an overnight bag, and just a regular purse. Its hard to keep them in stock – I’m always making more but they move fast!
4. Do you see yourself branching into any other areas?

I also have a jewelry shop on Etsy at Both stores keep me pretty busy but I always like to try new crafts. My older sister is my partner in crime on that one. It’s how I added screenprinting to my line. So who knows what I’ll do next?
So yeah, bcDesign? Amazing! I mean, look at these Carnival III Earrings ($12.00):

Or this Avocado Necklace, which is currently on sale for $12.00:
Please check these sites out – I think you’ll be absolutely amazed at what you find!

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