Etsy Monday: Just Bakin’

by Lisa on May 4th, 2009

I have a confession to make – I LOVE baked goods. And I don’t mean just a little bit. I mean A LOT. Cupcakes, cookies, brownies … It doesn’t matter. I love pretty much anything made with sugar and butter (and preferably a little bit of chocolate).

The internet, and Etsy in particular, has made it easier for me to feed my sweet tooth, as there is no shortage of people willing to sell me baked goods on the internet. I admit – I was a little apprehensive the first time I ordered from an e-stranger. What if it was just some plot and the person I was ordering my cookies from just wanted to poison me?!

Well, after my first order my fears were abated and I realized they were for naught. I’ve only had pleasant experiences ordering from people online and more often than not the items I’ve ordered online taste better than items I’ve picked up at local bakeries.

Which brings me to one of my FAVORITE Etsy bakeries, Just Bakin’.

I ordered from Just Bakin’ a few months ago when it was my boyfriend’s birthday and I wanted to get him pecan pie bars. I did a search on Etsy, and while quite a few different ones came up, the ones at Just Bakin’ looked the best. Lucky for me, because pecan pie bars aren’t my favorite and I wanted a treat for myself, there were so many other options listed as well, and each one looked as delicious as the last! When all was said and done I placed an order for pecan pie bars, white chocolate lemon bars, and peanut butter chip chocolate chew brownie cups.

This is the package I received in the mail just a few days later:

How adorable, right? Well, that packaging is nothing compared to what was inside:

Mmm Mmm Mmm. In addition to the three items I ordered, there were a couple of sample items thrown into the box. And I kid you not – these were the BEST baked goods I have ever had in my Life. How is that for a recommendation? My boyfriend and I devoured about half the box and I gave half of the box away to coworkers and friends because we received so much. And everybody loved what they received.

to go directly to the Just Bakin’ site on Etsy. If you ever need to send someone some baked goods, I really hope you’ll keep this shop in mind. The product is just incredible and you’ll find the baker and owner of the site is a delight to work with.


4 Responses

  1. Kathie @ my net finds says:

    Thanks for posting! I LOVE buying from Etsy and I’ve always wondered about the baked goods as well, so I’m happy to read your post! I’ll have to try out Just Bakin’ :-)

  2. Martha says:

    That is such a Sweet Recommendation!

  3. Proud to be Me-a wife, a mom, a student says:

    Hey there, if you’re ever looking to try more baked yummies I have a little bakery that I just started on Etsy too :). My specialty is chocolate chip cookies :).

    Love your blog :)


  4. Andria says:

    I ordered my Mom’s Mother’s Day gift from Just Bakin’ as soon as I saw this post! She worked with me on a special order and I can’t wait to here the reviews from my very discriminating baker-mom.