Delia’s 80% Off Clearance Sale – Super Low Prices

by Lisa on May 19th, 2009

Is it a little silly that I’m writing about the dELiA*s Clearance Sale? Are we too old for this?! Quite possibly.

BUT… accessories for $2.99 is a good deal regardless of the retailer. Right? Right! :)

So yeah – right now the Delia’s Clearance Sale is going on in full force, offering up to 80% off select merchandise.

For instance, check out this pretty Gina Double-Wrap Belt, which is on clearance for just $2.99:


Or maybe you won’t be laughing at me talking about Delia’s when you take a look at this beautiful Wood Lampicon, on clearance for just $14.99:


So yeah, if you’re in the mood for some cheap goods, the dELiA*s Clearance Sale might be a good place to start!

And to make it a little better, enter promo code DXFAFF to get free shipping with any order over $25! (Shipping promotion expires June 11, 2009.)

One Response

  1. pinksugarlove36 says:

    It’s always the clothes I get at the cheapest places that people comment on! No one would say a thing about a $100 Banana republic dress, but a $15 one from Forever 21…”Wow, that’s so cute! where did you get it?”