Arden B. Clearance: Buy 1 Item, Get 1 Item for $5 Sale

by Lisa on May 11th, 2009

Maybe I’m wrong, but Arden B. has always been a little bit like Wet Seal or even Forever 21 to me – very hit or miss and a little bit on the hooker-ish side.

But the clearance sale they’re having right now – I can definitely get behind it! For a limited time, all clearance items at Arden B. are Buy 1 Item, get the 2nd Item for $5. Yes, just $5. So given the opportunity, here is how I would maximize my savings and spend less than $30 on two items that originally cost $48.

Such as this one, that I am in love with, the $24.99 Cutout Colorblock Tunic:Combine that with the $5.00 Halter Cutout Tunic:

3 Responses

  1. Summer says:

    Is there a promo code or anything for this? I don’t see anything on their website about this promotion…..thanks!

  2. Fantabulously Frugal says:

    The information I received said the sale was for a “limited time.” I guess by limited they meant less than 3 days. I’m sorry it has expired. :(

  3. Summer says:

    No worries… :) I didn’t realize when it was posted until just now..haha….That’s what I get for being “out of the blog loop” for several days! Have a good one!

    LOVE your website like CRAZY!!!