Sign Up For Ben & Jerry’s Email List And Get a FREE Cone!

by Lisa on April 3rd, 2009

There are so many interesting email offers today it’s crazy!

I recently signed up for the Ben & Jerry’s email club, so that I could learn about events like Free Scoop day.

I just received an email letting me know that just for signing up for their email club, I was entitled to a free scoop of ice cream! They sent me a link to a coupon that is personalized and expires 14 days from the day the email was sent. While you can only open the link once, you can print the coupon as many times as you want. So, depending on your feelings on such things, you could possibly receive many free ice cream cones.

Should you sign up for the email club to receive your own free cone, here’s a little hint: When signing up, you will be asked which shop you most frequent. Make sure you choose a shop that you can actually get to, as this is the only location where you will be able to redeem your coupon.

Happy ice cream eating, friends!

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