Sample Sales Beginning Tomorrow at

by Lisa on April 28th, 2009

If you haven’t figured it out yet, shoes are my passion. Which is why I wish these lovelies were in my closet.

What? Not quite your style? How about these yellow lovelies to brighten up your day?Both of these styles, and more, will go on sale tomorrow at Ideeli, which is having a Guillaume Hinfray sale. Guillaume Hinfray shoes are beauty and they are art, and lucky for us they’re going to be on sale! Prices will start at $199, which I know isn’t cheap, but I dare you to go ahead and look up the actual sticker price of these shoes. 55% off the retail price is a pretty good starting point. And here’s a little secret – nice shoes are one of the only things I’m willing to *really* splurge for.

CLICK HERE to sign up for an Ideeli account and have gain to the sale. (Access to Ideeli is by invitation only, so that link is attached to my personal invitation code.)

Also going on sale tomorrow:

  • A sale on Cardigan tops, dresses, and you named it … cardigans. Prices will start at $44 and savings will be up to 71%.
  • Michael Kors clothing will be on sale. Prices will start at just $38 and savings will be up to 71%. (This hot little silver dress is one of the Michael Kors items that’s going to be for sale!)

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