Quick Note About Free Magazine Deals

by Lisa on April 11th, 2009

Someone left an anonymous comment asking me if the magazines posted on this site as “Free” are truly free and how exactly it works. I will tell you what I know, which isn’t all that much. :)

A few months ago I started reading a lot of different blogs about clipping coupons and finding bargains and all of that good stuff. One of the first things I ever read was: DO NOT EVER pay another dime for a magazine subscription, as they all get posted for free at one point or another. I was intrigued and definitely skeptical.

However, soon I began seeing free magazine subscriptions all over the place, namely from RewardsGold.com. Occasionally RewardsGold offers free magazine subscriptions in return for you answering a few questions for them. I have personally done this and signed up for a few different magazines, including CondeNast Traveler, Forbes Magazine, Popular Photography, Body & Soul, and BusinessWeek. Each time I answered a few questions, signed up for the email list, provided them with my mailing address and waited. Usually within three or so weeks I receive the first copy of my subscription.

Two things to note:
1. Though I have signed up for the RewardsGold email list with each magazine subscription, I have never once received an email from them, nor any spam. This is both a blessing and annoying, I suppose. A blessing because I am not being bombarded with spam. Annoying because I’d really like to hear about more deals this company offers!

2. I have never received any bills for these magazine subscriptions. They are *truly* free, and will last however long the subscription is for, which may vary depending on the magazine. There is no rebate form to mail in (unless that is otherwise noted in my post), and no money to be paid – ever! (Well, unless you choose to pay for the magazine whenever your subscription expires.)

I know it sounds too good to be true, but as someone that is already taking advantage of these offers, I swear to you – It’s True! :)

2 Responses

  1. Mrs. Smith says:

    Thanks for all the free magazine posts! Thanks to FF, I have signed up for quite a few free mags. I haven’t received anything yet besides Parents Mag, of course, which I never signed up for. But I am keeping my fingers crossed!

    Oh, and…if Martha Stewart Living ever pops up on your radar, text me asap. :)

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