Multiple Promo Codes for Bliss: Discounts and FREE stuff!

by Lisa on April 28th, 2009

Bliss just keeps the good deals coming! I have a couple of different promo codes to share with you. I heart free stuff and this retailer just keeps it coming! Bliss is also a great example of why you should NEVER buy something online for full price. Sooner than later the retailer will offer some sort of discount or free item with purchase. Don’t settle for (after shipping) paying more than you would pay in-store!

Without further ado:

Save $15 when you buy 1 body butter + 1 scrub + 1 shower gel (any scent!). Enter promo code SAVE15 at checkout. Offer expires May 11, 2009

Receive a free full sized blood orange+white pepper body butter ($35.00 value) with your order of $75 or more. No promo code necessary. Offer expires April 30, 2009.

Free bliss eye mask sample ($14 value) + free shipping over $75. Enter promo code BIGDAY at checkout. Offer expires in September.

Next, Take 15% off all bliss and laboratoire remede purchases. Enter promo code 049901 at checkout. Offer expires May 1, 2009 and this offer cannot be combined with any other.

And hey, how about one more, just for good measure, for those of you lucky enough to live near a bliss spa location?
Placing an order for $150 or more at makes you eligible to receive $50 off your first spa treatment at the bliss spa. To take advantage of this offer you will need to bring the following two items with you to your bliss spa appointment:
a. Click on and print out a copy of the image above.
b. Bring a copy of your order confirmation.

And…voila! $50 off!

CLICK HERE to see if there’s a spa location near you.

Spa credit must be used prior to May 15, 2009.

And there we go – bliss just keeps taking care of us!

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