A $$$ Making Proposition from Boden

by Lisa on April 3rd, 2009

Everyday I search for new email lists to sign up for in hopes of finding more and more deals. Let me tell you – over the past few weeks I have been introduced to so many new stores and signed up for a ridiculous amount of email lists.

Yesterday I signed up for the Boden list. I am not overly familiar with Boden, but I have definitely heard of the store before and after perusing the site I learned they make some clothing items I would definitely love to own!

This morning I got an email from the company with the following proposition:

For every friend’s name and address I give to them, they will give me $5. (They want the name and address so they can send catalogs in the mail.)

For every friend’s name and email address I give to them, they will give me $2.50.

The only catch is that I can only “make” $20/month. As I haven’t done this, I don’t know if they will actually give you the cash, or just let you take discounts off of any future purchases. If it’s just $20 off purchases and you are a Boden fan, well, this is still a great offer (if you don’t mind selling out your friends and family, that is!)!

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