$75 Off $100 Coupons Will Debut Soon at OldNavyWeekly.com

by Lisa on April 23rd, 2009

I received another message from Old Navy today that I wanted to share with all of you:

This week you must get your snooping skills ready because OldNavyWeekly.com is going to keep you on your finely-pedicured toes hunting for the $75 coupons again this week!

Happy hunting!

Nicole D.

Brand Advocate working on behalf of Old Navy

So, sometime soon OldNavyWeekly.com will be updated to include $75 off a purchase of $100 coupons! Hott! Let me know if you find one!

4 Responses

  1. Martha says:

    I am so On IT!!

  2. tperko says:

    if you hold control and hit tab, it highlights the clickable areas within the flash ad!

  3. Anonymous says:

    The 75$ off coupon is gone already. Great tip about control/tab. Thanks.

  4. Supermodelquin says:

    Hello Fantabulously Frugal,

    It’s a new week at OldNavyWeekly.com and there’s a new hiding spot for those fabulous $75 off $100 coupons. But that’s not all that’s new! We’ve noticed how quickly the $75 and $100 coupons go and we’d like to give more of you the chance to snoop out these super savings. So this week, we’ll be releasing the coupons multiple times instead of all at once. So keep checking back—it’s gonna be a fun week!

    Good luck and happy hunting!

    Nicole D.

    Brand Advocate working on behalf of Old Navy