$6.25 for a Bevy of Obey Your Body Body Creams at GraveyardMall.com

by Lisa on April 16th, 2009

GraveyardMall.com has another fantabulous one-day-only sale that I just must share with you, especially if you or someone you love likes body creams/lotions/potions, etc.

Today only, the Obey Your Body line of Dead Sea Products is on sale for…$6.25. CLICK HERE to access this sale. This is not one item.

For $6.25 you will receive the following items:

  • Two Luxury Peeling Gels
  • Two Passion Hand & Body Lotions
  • One Mystery Item from the remaining of the collection: Arbitrarilly you will get either a body sorbet, a salt and cream scrub, or a peel off mud mask.

  • This combination of products would normally retail for… get this … $219.95.

    It appears this product is being sold so cheaply because Dead Sea Products is facilitating a massive repackaging of these items and thus needs to clear the shelves. Good for us!

    Also, to get your order for $6.25, you must accept that your order will be shipped on April 27, 2009.

    Again, this sale is ONLY available today!

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