Looking for Input

by Lisa on March 27th, 2009

Hello dedicated readers, as well as anyone that just stumbles across this blog!

I am looking for your input.
As this blog is quite new, I base the deals I post on the deals. sales, and freebies I would like to know about.  I post about the stores where me and my friends shop, or talk about shopping.  And the freebies…well, I just like getting stuff for free in the mail. :)
But as I really get this site up and rolling, I would love your feedback.  If you have a second, please tell me:  
  • What brands, stores, etc. would you like to see sales posted about?  
  • Are you interested in hearing more about using coupons and saving big $$$ at the grocery store?  
  • Do you want to see information about electronics?  Menswear?  Pets?  Housewares?  etc.
  • Would you like more new-sy articles?  I would like to have some guest posters blog about topics that I am not as familiar with, such as financial planning, saving, and whatnot.  But if you’re not interested in that, that could be a waste.
I appreciate any feedback you would like to give me.  I would like to expand this site in many ways, which you will see over the coming weeks.  Additionally, if there are ever any tips you want to send my way, I greatly appreciate that as well, and will of course give you credit.  You can always email me at fantabulouslyfrugal(at)gmail(dot)com.
Thanks for reading so far – I really appreciate all of your support!

One Response

  1. Taryn says:

    I love what you are doing now . . . I know lots of places to find good grocery store deals- but no where else to get good deals on the mall stuff. (Not that I can, or do use all of it- it is nice to know though.)

    Plus, grocery stores are more regional than department stores, so depending on what stores you blog about, it might alienate some readers.

    But anything you would like to include would be good!