Inexpensive Shoes at Charlotte Russe

by Lisa on March 28th, 2009

I’m not going to lie to you – I think I’m about 12 years too old for most of the fashions at Charlotte Russe.  (I remember going there in high school and stockpiling my tank-tops for the summer.)

I wandered over to their site this morning though because I read on another blog that they had some cute shoes for Spring/Summer.  It’s true.  But not only do they have cute shoes but they have fairly inexpensive shoes as well.
The are having a Buy 1 Pair of Shoes at Full Price and Get a Second Pair of Shoes for $15 sale, which applies to the majority of the 201 shoe styles they offer.  One notable exception includes 99% of their flip-flops…I found one random pair that was included in the sale.  Since Charlotte Russe shoes aren’t really expensive to begin with, one could easily get 2 pairs of shoes for approximately $40.
Here are a couple of my favorites.  The first, the very Pucci-esque Geometric Swirl Pumps:
The second, the Knotted Tie Canvas Flats in yellow.
Grand total (before shopping) for both pairs of shoes?  $41.99.  To save more money, become a member of their email club and get an additional 10% off your purchase.  (And to cut some more money off, you can connect to Charlotte Russe through and get an ADDITIONAL 3% cash back on your order.)
If you’re looking for some cute & inexpensive shoes (that probably won’t last you any longer than this summer), this might be a good option.

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