Great Welcome Gift from Bliss!

by Lisa on March 26th, 2009
It should come as no surprise that in order to find all of the deals and freebies and whatnots, that I have signed up for a boat load of email lists. And by boat, I mean yacht. This site is still new, so a lot of things I have not yet been able to post. And some just need to get weeded out due to time restraints. But over the coming weeks and months you will see this site evolve a bit, as it really comes into its identity.

One thing I would like to start telling you all about are some of the best freebies that are available just by signing up for some companies’ email lists. And that brings us to bliss.

I signed up for bliss email updates yesterday and received a fantabulous offer today. To offer me to their email club, a $50 purchase will score me a FREE bliss face value skincare essentials set, which is worth $45! This kit includes the following items:

• bliss clog-dissolving cleansing milk (1 oz)

• bliss daily detoxifying facial toner (1 oz)

• bliss an ounce of prevention am with spf 15 (.51 oz)

• bliss lid+lash wash (1 oz)

• bliss triple oxygen instant energizing mask (.16 oz)

• bliss all-around eye cream (.07 oz)

• a Bliss blue tote

You can get the tote by entering the code WEL0903 at checkout. (Oh, by the way, this code will also score you free shipping!)
This code expires April 30, 2009. If you’re a fan of bliss products, this is a great freebie!

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